Garth Brooks takes a cooking lesson from his wife Trisha Yearwood during the next episode of her show on the Food Network. On Saturday (11/24), "Trisha's Southern Kitchen" tackles Black Bean Lasagna, which Garth calls "phenomenal," as well as Trisha's Thai Salad and Miss Mickey's Peanut Butter Balls.

"Garth wanted me to find food that didn't have cholesterol in it," Trisha tells The Boot. "I already had this black bean lasagna recipe and I started looking around to try to find a good alternative for cheese. This is going to sound crazy, but I found a recipe and I made ricotta cheese out of tofu. I put it in the food processor and make it with basil and olive oil and it was fantastic. I couldn't believe it! I didn't think tofu chopped up pretending to be chicken works for me, but making it into this creamy cheese, it worked. I showed him how to make that."

In addition to the lasagna, the Country Music Hall of Famer raves about the menu's salad. "Since her initials are TY. It's a TY Thai salad and it's unbelievable. Those two things kill me," Garth says. "And she makes a mean ice water, trust me," he adds with a big grin. "She's fantastic."

Food Network
Food Network

However, it turns out that the "Georgia Rain" singer had a slight ulterior motive when it came to having her husband on the show. "These are things I make for him when I go out of town that he can eat off of for a few days," Trisha notes, "so on the show he learns how to make them himself."

This marks Garth's second appearance on the show this season. He and his daughters August and Allie, appeared on the Halloween episode, where all four dressed up like rockers KISS. (See a pic here.)

The episode airs Saturday, Nov. 24, on Food Network at 11:00 AM ET/PT.

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