Not sure who you want to vote for next week? How about a write-in vote for Tim McGraw? The "Truck Yeah" singer has said a few times over the years that he might consider going into politics one day, after his kids are grown. And it seems his curiosity hasn't wavered, mostly thanks to his upbringing.

"I'm always interested; I grew up in Louisiana, so it's like a sport," Tim says. "You grow up knowing about politics, and it's everywhere and I've always been fascinated by it. Plus, I've been very lucky and fortunate, been able to really make something out of my life from where I came from and I feel like it's because of where I lived and the place that I grew up and the country that I live in that I'm able to do that. I feel like you are obligated to a certain extent to try to help and do what you can, whether it be in politics or not."

However, if the singer-actor did decide to pursue a political career, it would be in order to scratch something else off his bucket list.

"Politics, to me, is something that I would never go do just to say I've done it," he explains, "but if somewhere down the line there's something that I feel like I can step into and make a difference and do some good, I think it's just a matter if the time lines up with the calls and the reason in my life. Then it would be something that I would be interested in, but it's not something that I'm going to go pursue."

As for now, the father of three is busy preparing his Soul2Soul shows with wife Faith Hill in Las Vegas. Even though they love to work together, the patriarch of the family says they won't be forming a duo any time soon.

"One of the reasons this is a really special thing for us is, we really value our careers and what we do individually," he says. "We're individual artists and we put a lot of work and time and effort into that and we really love doing that. That's what makes it cool for us to be doing this."

Mr. and Mrs. McGraw's concert series at Las Vegas' Venetian hotel and casino begin Dec. 7. Get more information here, and watch our exclusive interview with the couple below.

Watch The Boot's Interview with Tim and Faith

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