Thompson Square saw their self-titled debut album soar into the Top 5 last year, producing four big hits, so the husband-wife duo know they have a tough act to follow. Shawna and Keifer Thompson explain their sophomore strategy is to shake things up a bit.

"[The album] is still gonna be Thompson Square on this next record, but it's going to be the 2.0 version -- pushing it a little bit but staying true to who we are," Shawna tells the Country Vibe. "We're very cognizant of [the fact that] we can't do the same thing over again twice."

The reigning ACM Top Vocal Duo of the Year, who have spent much of the year on the road with Lady Antebellum on their Own the Night tour, say the entire experience has been one big lesson. "We've learned a lot by being out on the road and seeing what the fans are enjoying," Shawna notes, adding that fans resonate to "songs with a lot of energy so we can keep their attention, and just having a good time."

The happily married couple hope that they can capture their love story on their new set of tunes, as well. "We learned from all this touring that people like to see an element of intimacy on stage between the two of us," Keifer tells The Boot. "So that's another thing we want to harness in the second record. So it may be all over the map! [laughs] We're still writing. The record won't come out until probably April of next year, so we have a little time!"

Thompson Square will head to Indiana tonight (July 17), followed by stops in Kansas and Colorado. See the duo's concert schedule here.

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