"Die a Happy Man" has become a major hit for Thomas Rhett, no doubt thanks in part to its sweet music video -- which readers have voted Music Video of the Year in the 2016 Golden Boot Awards.

Rhett's "Die a Happy Man" video shows the singer and his wife Lauren on vacation in Hawaii -- and Rhett maintains that there was no real acting on their part while filming was in process.

“We try to go to Hawaii once a year; it’s kind of our spot. And the label was like, ‘Do you mind if we send a couple video guys along and capture some footage?'” Rhett recalls. “My buddy TK [McKamy], who’s done the last four videos of mine, it was him and literally one other guy with a camera and a couple of lights. And basically, for five days, we all hung out. He’s like, ‘Y’all do your thing, and we’ll capture moments. You’ll have to do a little bit of acting, but at least it won’t be acting because you love the person you’re being romantic with.’”

"Die a Happy Man" was actually written after a request from Rhett's wife: She has always wanted her talented husband to pen a song like “Just to See You Smile” by Tim McGraw.

"Even though “Die a Happy Man” and that song sound nothing alike, the sentiment is the same," Rhett says. "I think the reason it translated so much is because every single line in the song is directly personal to our relationship and our marriage. I think my fans looked at that and saw it as very genuine, which it was, and I think that’s the reason it was so successful."

Successful, indeed: In December, "Die a Happy Man" became Rhett's fifth consecutive No. 1 song and went platinum.

"Die a Happy Man" is available for download on iTunes. Fans can watch the Golden Boot-winning music video above. The clip beat out music videos by Tim McGraw, Brad PaisleyDierks BentleyChris Stapleton and Kacey Musgraves to win this year's honor, earning slightly more than 31 percent of votes.

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