Thomas Rhett is doing anything but crashing and burning in country music, but ironically, the lead single from his forthcoming sophomore record is called "Crash and Burn."

The 2015 ACM Awards New Artist of the Year nominee is Billboard's first male country artist in over 20 years to have a debut album with three No. 1 hits -- and if "Crash and Burn" is indicative of what's to come from Rhett, we feel a lot of good vibes heading his way.

Rhett says his new single is "super throwback," a "feel-good song with a sad melody." Right from the start, "Crash and Burn" hooked him, and we predict that it'll do the same to fans.

"The first time I heard this song, I immediately loved the paradox of how happy it sounds, even though the lyrics are about a guy who loses out in love," Rhett says. "It’s also definitely one of the most vocally challenging songs I've ever recorded. But for the new album, I really wanted to try new things, to stretch myself and explore that side of my sound.”

The heartbreak hit was co-produced by Dann Huff and Jesse Frasure and was written by Frasure and Chris Stapleton, the latter of whom also provides background vocals on the song.

Rhett is understandably excited about his upcoming record, and from what he's spilled so far, it will be quite the album. After all, has there ever been a country album inspired by both Bruno Mars and Motown?

“I've definitely been delving into that kind of music,” Rhett admits. “Bruno has always been one of my idols, if you will. I've caught myself watching a bunch of YouTube videos late at night, just watching his stage presence and how he handles a crowd and moves around and works it. I realized I’m a very, very white dancer.

“These are not your average songs on a country album,” he adds.

Plus, Rhett's second offering is presumed to feature someone really exciting: Eric Church. Church is a huge inspiration to Rhett, and the two sat down to co-write together, which Rhett calls "one of the coolest co-writes of my life."

Although Rhett's newest record will be different from the first, he promises fans that it will still be reminiscent of what attracted them to him in the first place.

“There are obviously going to be songs on the record that are a lot like the first album,” he says, “but I thought it was fun to get out there and try new things for my voice and for my songwriting. These are just a small little batch that came from that.”

"Crash and Burn" is available on iTunes now.

Listen to Thomas Rhett, "Crash and Burn":

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