The Wild Feathers aren't exactly a brand-new band: The group officially formed in 2010 and has released two albums since 2013, with an upcoming third project due out in late June of this year. However, while the group has a loyal basis of fans and followers, there are still countless country listeners who may not be all that familiar with them; that's in part because the Wild Feathers' music spans across a wide variety of genres, taking influence from country, Southern rock, soul and pop.

Ricky Young, Joel King, Taylor Burns and Ben Dumas, who comprise the quartet, take songwriting cues from acts such as the Eagles and Tom Petty, and their multi-singer approach utilizes rich, close vocal harmony so seamless that listeners might imagine that the four band members are brothers. However, each member of the group comes from a different part of the Southeast, and brings his own unique flavor to the music: Dumas, who is from Georgia, grew up listening to iconic soul acts such as Otis Redding, whereas Burns cites his background as primarily bluesy, thanks to his father, who played blues guitar in the family's home state of Texas.

Readers can click through the photo gallery below to learn more essentials and little-known facts about the Wild Feathers. The band's newest single, "Big Sky," is available now, and their third studio album, Greetings From the Neon Frontier, will drop on June 29 and is available for pre-order here.

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