Forget Clark Kent, Superman's real secret identity is Keith Urban. That's the only explanation as to how he's able to juggle his coaching role on the Australian version of "The Voice," his own career and being a husband and father, right? But criss-crossing the globe is nothing new to this international superstar, and the time he's needed Down Under isn't as much as you'd think.

"The filming time of 'The Voice' is quite short," Keith explains. "The blind auditions were like 12 days, not even the whole shooting time. The whole shooting time was four days, but the preparation and all that other stuff [takes more time]. We were down there for 12 days and then we flew back."

However, despite the shorter-than-expected shooting time, Keith and wife Nicole Kidman did face a problem when it came to toting two kids -- Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret -- who are both under the age of three.

"When we looked at the schedule, we went, 'Well, we'll go down for two weeks, and then we'll come back to Nashville for two weeks. And then we'll go back down for another two weeks,'" Keith recalls. "And then we suddenly went, 'Well, this is crazy. We're never going to make it all the way to Nashville with our kids and then all the way back down to Sydney with our kids.' So, we thought, 'Well, what should we do? Should we just stay down there? Or what should we do?'"

Lucky for this couple, splitting up the family wasn't necessary. "We've got a place in [Los Angeles] that we occasionally go to, and we just decided we'll go back to there, because that's one flight: Sydney to L.A. direct," he explains. "So we sort of based ourselves there, but I was in writing mode, so I just basically flew people from Nashville out to write with me. [laughs] So I was able to keep working."

His new album may not have a release date yet, but fans can take comfort in knowing the newly minted Grand Ole Opry member is hard at work on new music. He'll also hit the road this summer. His first date is scheduled for May 26 in Baton Rouge, La. Get a full list of Keith's tour dates here.

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