Keith Urban said he was happy to sign on to the Australian version of 'The Voice,' because he wanted to help aspiring singers. But now, the multi-platinum-selling artist admits his role on the show is much more difficult than he originally anticipated.

"It's a huge list of things I didn't expect," he concedes. "I didn't expect it to be as difficult when you're not watching somebody sing, because even when you watch the television at home, you're still watching people. I think people at home would do well to close their eyes when the people walk out and start singing, so you're in the exact same place as the four coaches."

The New Zealand-born singer joins Seal, Joel Madden and Deltra Goodman in the famous red swivel chairs, which he says pose an interesting challenge. "We have these little speakers in front of us on the floor that we're hearing singers through with the band," Keith explains. "We can't see them obviously, but we can see the audience, so we get really swayed by audience reaction or lack thereof. When you take the visuals out, it's really a remarkable difference. That was a big shock to me."

The 44-year-old recently celebrated a No. 1 hit with his latest single, 'You Gonna Fly.' He can also be heard in the film, 'Act of Valor,' during the movie's closing credits. Keith wrote and recorded 'For You' for the movie, which he says is thanks to his movie star wife, Nicole Kidman. "She said to me, 'You should do this, you really should. I think you'll be able to do this if you commit to it,'" he tells The Boot. "She gently suggested that I do it and I'm glad she did."

Keith is also working on a new album that he hopes to release later this year. Now that he has successfully recovered from vocal cord surgery, he will also play several shows over the next few months, including the All for the Hall benefit concert on April 10. Keep track of his tour schedule here.

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