The Mavericks are only a few days away from embarking on their Twenty-Five Live Tour, which will celebrate their 25th anniversary as an award-winning band.

“While the band was formed in the summer of 1989, our first show wasn’t until months later … making 2014 our twenty-fifth year together and we’re very excited to get back out on the road,” guitarist Robert Reynolds says. “In many ways, our fans have become de facto members of the group and it seems high time we throw a party!”

The group split in 2004 to pursue solo interests, but reunited last year to release 'In Time' on Big Machine Records. The five-man band credit their loyal following for the album, as well as the upcoming tour.

"Everywhere we went, no matter where we went, people asked, and I always took it with a grain of salt," lead singer Raul Malo tells The Boot. "I thought it would die down, I didn’t really think it would continue, but no matter what language I sang in, or what part of the world, it was always, 'When are the Mavericks getting back together? What are the Mavericks doing?' Now we’ve been out and the fans have been amazing. So we really owe a lot of this to them and their love of the band."

In addition to their latest record, their music has also been featured in the new movie, 'Grudge Match,' starring Robert DeNiro and Sylvester Stallone, as well as in the ABC drama, 'Killer Women,' which included a cameo of the band.

Malo is getting his own TV exposure as well. The singer appears alongside his wife, Betty, on the new TV show, 'Private Lives of Nashville Wives,' which premiered Monday night (Feb. 24) on TNT.

The Twenty-Five Live Tour kicks off on Thursday (Feb. 27) in Charleston,S.C. See a list of upcoming shows here.

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