Although the most well-known tune featured on the classic '60s sitcom, 'The Andy Griffith Show,' is probably the whistled theme song ('The Fishin' Hole'), the comedy series, set in fictional Mayberry, N.C., also featured bluegrass band the Dillards who portrayed the Darlings, a hillbilly band that played several old-time tunes in a series of six episodes during the show's eight-year run. Since its 1960 debut, the series has remained wildly popular with fans worldwide. In contemporary bluegrass music, there are likely no bigger fans than the members of the multi-award-winning group the Grascals.

Today (June 7), marks the release of the group's 'Dance 'til Your Stockings Are Hot and Ravelin' (A Tribute to the Music of the 'Andy Griffith Show'). The seven-song disc contains Grascals versions of songs the Darlings (well, the Dillards) performed on the show, including 'Dooley,' 'Boil Them Cabbage Down,' 'Stay All Night (Stay a Little Longer), 'Leaning on the Everlasting Arms' and 'Ol' Joe Clark.'

In addition to the Grascals own 'Mayberry's Finest Theme' jingle, the collection also features the original 'Boy, Giraffes Are Selfish,' inspired by a line uttered by iconic sheriff's deputy Barney Fife (played by Emmy winner Don Knotts) in the 'Dogs, Dogs, Dogs' episode.

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The disc isn't the Grascals' first trip to Mayberry. In addition to partnering with the food group Mayberry's Finest on their 2010 tour, the group featured the brand during their performance at last year's 50th anniversary celebration of the sitcom.

"We feel really good about it," the Grascals' bassist Terry Smith told The Boot of the album. "We had a lot of fun making it. The Grascals are just huge Andy Griffith fans. Especially me and (vocalist) Terry Eldridge. He can quote every episode."

"'The Andy Griffith Show' had a moral lesson that every human being should live by," Terry Eldredge adds. "It's an honor and privilege to be associated with the best TV show ever made. It was -- and still is -- awesome family entertainment."

In addition to the album, the Grascals have also made a series of five black-and-white music videos emulating the show's down-home performances.

The Grascals are currently on tour. For their upcoming schedule, check here.

Watch The Grascals' Video for 'Boil Them Cabbage Down'