There seems to be a lesson in the Cadillac Three's video for 'Party Like You': Don't be "that guy."

That guy sure has fun, though. In the newly released visual, he steals a car, finds the glove box full of cash and proceeds to party -- until the next day, that is.

"He's the guy that comes and does too much partying and tries to take the girls," vocalist and guitarist Jaren Johnston tells Rolling Stone. "Every guy when they go out ... they want to meet that girl. They think they're going to meet that girl — and you never do. And it definitely ain't going to happen for the dude in that video."

Johnson admits that he and bandmates Neil Mason and Kelby Ray "don't really like [making videos] very much," but they understand the importance of creating a visual to go along with a song.

"It's kind of a historic thing," he says. "I remember growing up watching CMT. I saw Garth Brooks on there and was like, 'Holy s---, this is awesome!'"

The trio also had a pretty good time filming this one.

"We basically just drank beer all day long and they filmed it. It was like a day in the life of the Cadillac Three," Johnson tells Rolling Stone. ""[The video has] all of those elements of debauchery from a crazy night, all these little subplots that don't make sense ... And us filming it [in East Nashville] where I grew up running around as a kid was pretty perfect."