The Boxmasters have announced the details for the release of their fourth studio album, Somewhere Down the Road.

The group, which includes actor Billy Bob Thornton, will release the album with their new label, 101 Ranch Records, on April 7. The record features 22 songs in a two-disc set, showcasing their "Modbilly" sound. See a full track listing below.

"With such a unique and diverse sound, the Boxmasters are sure to impress once again with their newest album," 101's Vice President of Operations Teresa Vinson says. "We are thrilled to have them be a part of our 101 Ranch Record family and we are looking forward to their continued success."

The Boxmasters -- Thornton, Teddy Andreadis, J.D. Andrew and Brad Davis -- formed in 2007 and released three albums in 2008 and 2009: The Boxmasters, Christmas Cheer and Mobility. Somewhere Down the Road will be their first release in six years.

The group kicked off their tour on April 3 in Greenville, Texas, with dates continuing through May 2 in Temecula, Calif. A list of upcoming tour stops can be found at

Somewhere Down the Road is available for pre-order via Amazon.

The Boxmasters, Somewhere Down the Road Track Listing:

1. "Sometime's There's a Reason for the Pain"
2. "You'll Be Lonely Tonight"
3. "This Game Is Over"
4. "Piece of the Sky"
5. "Dead Inside"
6. "Was That My Only Ride"
7. "Kathy Won't Share"
8. "A Thousand Miles Away"
9. "Love Is Real Tonight"
10. "Getting Past the Lullaby"
11. "Hallelujah"
12. "Somewhere Down the Road"
13. "Away, Away"
14. "What Did You Do Today"
15. "Young Man's Game"
16. "Always Lie"
17. "Don't Follow Me Down"
18. "Who Can I Tell"
19. "Wicked for an Angel"
20. "Why Don't You Come Down"
21. "Unknown"
22. "Somewhere"