The Bellamy Brothers, comprised of David and Howard Bellamy, have been musical icons for more than 30 years -- not only in the United States, but all over the world. The 'Let Your Love Flow' singers have traveled the globe, including repeated visits in Switzerland, Japan and Canada. So it's no surprise that the siblings, who cite Norway as one of their favorite places to visit, were shaken by the recent terrorist attacks on the country, and are now determined to do their part to help ease the nation's suffering.

"We've been playing concerts in Norway since 1976 and have cultivated many friendships and have fond memories from touring there over the years," David tells GAC. "The nightmare they encountered this past week is almost unimaginable. The closest think we can relate it to is September 11."

The July 22 terrorist attack resulted in 76 people dead, with many others wounded. The brothers will play a special show in Norway this weekend (July 30), hoping to bring a bit of relief to the country's heartbreak, if only for a few hours. "When we perform in Lyngdal, Norway this Saturday night, we'd like them to know our thoughts and prayers go out to each and every person in their great country," Howard notes. "We are dedicating the show to the victims and the families and we hope the healing process can soon begin for everyone. God bless Norway and peace and love from the Bellamy Brothers."

The Bellamy Brothers will follow their Norway show with performances in Sweden, Las Vegas and Colorado. Keep track of their concert schedule here.