Fans of the Band Perry can rest easy: The sibling trio is not going anywhere -- specifically, not to the pop genre.

After Kimberly, Reid and Neil Perry announced their split from Big Machine Label Group in March, after six years with the label, they revealed a new joint deal with Interscope Records and Universal Music Nashville in May. To fans, it seemed like the perfect (or not-so-perfect) storm: TBP released the poppy single "Live Forever," left their country label and signed to a label that works with many pop artists.

“Folks were freaking out for a half-minute, like, ‘Interscope, is that a pop label?!'" Kimberly Perry tells Taste of Country. "Here’s what people forget: We were signed to Republic Nashville [a division of BMLG] originally. The reason that we did that deal was so that our partner in New York, Republic, could take songs like "If I Die Young," after they grew up at country, to the rest of the world.”

When TBP signed with Republic Nashville in 2009, the label was a joint venture between New York City's Republic Records and Nashville's Big Machine. "If I Die Young" became their first huge hit, both at country radio and on other formats, giving the Perrys a wide fan base. And while they tell Taste of Country that they certainly appreciate the opportunity for crossover hits, country radio remains a priority; “it’s really no different than it’s been already,” Neil Perry says.

"Will you hear us on pop radio? I hope so," Kimberly Perry says, "just like you did six years ago with "If I Die Young.""

Plus, with Interscope, the Band Perry can look forward to international touring, which they says is a huge priority.

The Band Perry's newest single, "Comeback Kid," which the trio released on Monday (Aug. 1), is their first single with their new label. It's personal to TBP while also being widely relateable; in fact, Kimberly Perry tells Rolling Stone it's "the most intensely personal lyric that we've ever written."

"Of course we wanna set the record straight," the siblings say, "but so much bigger than that, we just really wanted to write a piece of music that anybody who’s walking through a challenging moment can kind of come up next to them and hold their hand as they’re walking through it and go, ‘Look, you might be down for a minute, but you’re gonna get back on your feet because you’re made of something strong and great.’”

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