The Band Perry knew they were onto something special when they sat down in their family songwriting circle to pen the words to the chart-topping hit, 'If I Die Young,' but the sibling trio had no idea just how much the song would resonate with fans around the world. Since its release, the tune has already sold nearly one million copies, and has been viewed on YouTube an astounding 11 million times.

Lead singer, Kimberly Perry feels that the song, while on the surface may seem macabre, is really an expression of contentment. She and brothers Neil and Reid consider the song to be about people who are thoroughly happy in the place and time that they are currently as well as with how they are living their lives.

"That song works on so many levels and means different things to different people," Kimberly tells The Boot. "It was just one of those songs that we felt was meant to be on planet earth. We were just real humble to have the pen and paper in hand when it was ready to come."

"We finished that song days before we were able to go into the studio and record some songs," she explains. "We just looked at each other and said, 'How cool is this that we were able to put feet to our dreams?' So many people work so hard for so long and, for whatever reason, are not able or don't have the opportunity to access their dreams. We did, so for us it was a statement of, if it all ends at this moment, even at our young ages, we've gotten to live and love so well and so completely."

The trio may be watching even more dreams come true soon. December 6, they're up for three American Country Awards trophies, including Music Video for 'If I Die Young,' Artist of the Year (Duo or Group) and Breakthrough Artist of the Year. They'll also perform 'If I Die Young' on 'The View' December 15.

Watch the Band Perry Sing 'If I Die Young' Live

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