Tenille Townes delivered an acoustic rendition of the timeless tune "At Last" during a 2019 visit with Taste of Country Nights, and the results -- well, they speak for themselves. Press play above to watch!

Townes' take on the song packs in all the emotional heft and vocal nuance that soul queen Etta James brought to her definitive version of the track back in 1960. Today, James' version of the track is far and away the most popular one, though the earliest recording of "At Last" was Glenn Miller's in 1942, and many other artists -- including Martina McBride, Aretha Franklin and pop superstar Beyonce -- have since cut the song.

Though Townes hasn't recorded "At Last" (at least, not yet!), she does have a series of songs under her belt that pack a similar emotional punch. Songs like "Jersey on the Wall" and her breakout hit, "Somebody's Daughter," pack an emotional punch, grappling with tough topics like the untimely death of a teenager and the problem of homelessness. Another 2019 release, "I Kept the Roses," is similarly searing, and adopts some of "At Last"'s more soulful qualities -- though the further is a breakup ballad, and the latter is an ode to finding lasting love.

Townes is at work on her studio debut, which is due for release in 2020. Meanwhile, over the holidays, she's taking a much-needed break from her busy schedule on the road with artists such as Dierks Bentley and Miranda Lambert. The singer also recently got into the holiday spirit with two festive releases, including the original Christmas song "One in a Million."

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