Her much-anticipated third album, 'Speak Now,' hit shelves this week, and now Taylor Swift has announced a tour around the globe to support the new CD. After spending time at sea as a special guest aboard a Royal Caribbean cruise ship in the first part of 2011, the four-time Grammy winner will kick off her 17-city tour in Singapore. The whirlwind itinerary includes stops in South Korea, Japan, Belgium, Holland, Hong Kong, Norway, Germany, France and Spain before wrapping up in London March 30.

'Speak Now' has already garnered the superstar plenty of publicity thanks to her tell-all songs, including 'Dear John' and 'Back to December,' and the singer-songwriter acknowledges it is a deeply personal album.

"You write about things nobody knows you went through," Taylor tells The Boot. "My main focus when I'm writing a song is the person I'm writing it about, what they're going to think of it and them knowing what I feel about them. A lot of times, they don't know exactly what I felt. Somehow I feel more comfortable saying it all to them in a song ... that many more people are going to hear than if I just sent a text message! [laughs] But that's just how I feel more comfortable expressing myself."

Taylor will spend the next several weeks promoting her album with TV appearances. She visited the 'Today' show Tuesday morning and the 'Late Show With David Letterman' later that night, in addition to 'Live! With Regis and Kelly,' 'Dancing With the Stars' and an hour-long CD release party on the 'Ellen DeGeneres Show.'

See Taylor's tour dates here.