Taylor Swift is offering fans a special version of her upcoming album,'Speak Now' by making the November 16 release available in the form of an old-school vinyl double-album, complete with spiffy cover art.

"The vinyl is really important to me," Taylor tells Entertainment Weekly. "Because I'm so in love with the concept of an album -- a collection of memories from your life that you're giving to people. It's a piece of you. Buying them on vinyl is just taking that one step further and acknowledging that albums are important."

Taylor puts her beliefs into action, too, by collecting plenty of vinyl albums herself. Entertainment Weekly reports that when they recently accompanied Taylor to Nashville's Great Escape music store, she bought several LPs, including 'Working on a Dream,' by Bruce Springsteen and 'Easy Tiger' by Ryan Adams.

But Taylor is intrigued more than just the sound of vinyl records versus mp3s and other media. "There's something so fascinating about the cover art," she says. "Every single one of those was a decision by somebody and people put a lot of time and effort into it," Taylor tells the magazine. "With my albums, I have a lot of fun with the art direction and a lot of what I do is trying to visually express what the song says. You take the lyrics and you see what picture it paints and you try to do a photo set up that looks like it. We're incorporating the same art in the vinyl album as we do in the CD, but it's done in a different format. It's really put forth in its own way."

Taylor had her first peek at 'Speak Now' in vinyl while she was with the magazine and she was ecstatic.

"It's like Christmas," she exclaimed after tearing the brown paper packaging off the album. "Oh my God, whoa! This is so crazy. It feels unreal. I'm so happy about this."

The non-vinyl editions of 'Speak Now' will be released on October 25, with the vinyl version to follow three weeks later.

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