Tara Thompson is giving listeners a glimpse into her own life with her debut EP, Someone to Take Your Place. The up-and-coming artist tells The Boot that her new project, recently released on the Valory Music Co. and featuring five tracks, shows off various facets of both her personal life and her budding career.

"It’s based on true stories," Thompson says, noting that she co-wrote all five songs. "It’s very country. It’s a little bit sassy. Maybe a lot of it's sassy -- lots of attitude and honesty."

A relative of Loretta Lynn, Thompson has country music in her blood -- and she's always appreciated the storytelling aspect of the genre.

"I love that country music tells stories, and I love that people can actually relate to them and make people feel something," explains Thompson. "I’ve always been that way with country music: just be honest and tell real stories."

The singer-songwriter had plenty of opportunities to perform her new music, and take lessons from seasoned performers, while crossing the country on the recently wrapped Next Women of Country Tour.

"It was cool because it was all women, and the cool thing about Brandy Clark, Jennifer Nettles, Lindsay Ell and I is, we’re all completely different. So we bring something different to the table every night," Thompson says. "I’m actually really sad that it’s ended. I want to go back!"

Thompson also recently achieved another lifelong dream when she made her debut at the Grand Ole Opry.

"That was probably the most surreal experience," she gushes. "And the coolest thing about the Opry is, Vince Gill introduced me, and he’s one of my heroes, so that was so cool. I just keep reliving that moment."

Someone to Take Your Place is available for download on iTunes.

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