Sunny Sweeney is loving being a 'Mrs.' Back in November, the singer-songwriter tied the knot with longtime beau Jeff Hellmer during an intimate ceremony with friends and family at the Little White Chapel in Las Vegas. She sat down with The Boot recently to discuss how she and her Austin, Texas police Sergeant husband are balancing their careers and married life.

"He has no connection to the music business, except for that he's my fan," she reveals. "People are always like, 'So what does he do?' And, I'm like, 'He's a police officer.' They're like, 'Totally far removed from the music business!' And I respond, 'Yes -- intentionally! I would not date somebody in the music business.'"

It seems having a job that keeps you away from home so often would put strain on a relationship, but not for this Texas couple. "He is so supportive and just wants me to be happy and succeed," Sunny says. "He's like, 'If you had to go on tour tomorrow for 365 days, I would be right here when you got back.' He's super supportive. It's amazing."

While the gesture is undoubtedly sweet, the two make sure they don't go too long without seeing one another, even if they have to resort to technology. "We have FaceTime on our phones and we have Skype," the newlywed explains. "We talk all the time and text. If I can go home for 12 or 15 hours, I'll go home. When I'm home we jump right back into it: I clean and cook -- well, I don't cook good -- I do make a bitchin' grilled cheese, though. We were together for a long time before we actually got married, but we don't go longer than 10 or 12 days without seeing each other. Usually less than that."

Even though he's a working man, Jeff finds the time to hit the road with his bride. "When he comes out, he makes me calmer," the 'Drink Myself Single' singer admits. "My band is like, 'We love it when he's out with us because then we don't have to deal with you.' [laughs]"

The songstress is aware that her husband has a dangerous profession, but she doesn't let it worry her. "We just do our own thing and we're super supportive of each other," Sunny says. "I know nothing of his work and he knows nothing about mine. We just support ourselves in our respective jobs and it's cool. He loves his job. I've never met anyone who loves their job more than he loves his. I'm proud of him for doing his job. He's a Sergeant in the Austin Police Department, and the guys who work under him respect him, and I think that's cool. I've seen him in work mode with them and it's completely different than when he's at home."

Sunny is currently working on her next album, and preparing to hit the road on this year's Country Throwdown Tour with Gary Allan, Justin Moore, Eric Paslay and Josh Thompson.

Watch Sunny Sing 'From a Table Away' Live
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