It looks like Steel Magnolia are following in the footsteps of their famous labelmate, Taylor Swift, by adopting a lucky number. While you may not see the duo's Meghan Linsey and Joshua Scott Jones sporting 13s on their hands, they do have a case of the elevens, after moving their self-titled debut album's release date from September 21, 2010 to January 11, 2011.

"If it wasn't 11 wasn't our lucky number before, it should be," Joshua tells The Boot with a laugh.

"When we were going through 'Can You Duet?' -- from about a year ago -- until now, that number just keeps popping up," Meghan explains. "What time is it? 11:11. Just different things. I looked it up. I'm like, 'This is weird.' I looked it up on the Internet and it said that 11:11 means you're on the right track. We actually got the call about our record being moved and they were like, 'Well the only day we can do it is January 11, 2011.' So, it would be 1/11/11. We were both bummed about moving our record three months but then we heard that and we were like it must be meant to be."

While the majority of songs on the record are sung together, Meghan takes the lead on 'Bulletproof,' a song she later found out was recorded by a friend for their currently unreleased album. "Emily West and I are actually really good friends," Meghan says. "I didn't know that she had cut that song when we went in and cut. Then someone was like, 'Oh, that's Emily West's song.' So, I texted her, 'Dude, we've cut the song that's on your record.' It was fine because we're friends. I think that should be a single for her, I love it."

'Bulletproof' is a strong, female anthem, so does Joshua have a problem doing songs in that vein? "That was my one thing on the record that I was like, 'Man, we have to have this song," his better half explains. "Most of the time we're a duo. I have the one song on the record that I sing pretty much by myself, which is 'Bulletproof,' and then he has 'Glass Houses,' which he wrote and put on the record as well. We try to mix it up and give everybody something. We have a lot of female fans, so we want to give them a little balls."

Also new in Steel Magnolia news, the duo have been nominated for the ACM's Top New Vocal Duo or Group award, alongside The Band Perry and the JaneDear girls. Fans may vote by logging onto either or between January 27 and February 24. The Top New Vocal Duo or Group winner will move to the Top New Artist category, for which fans can vote between March 11 and April 3.