Steel Magnolia's chemistry was undeniable as they shared the stage at New York's Bowery Ballroom Monday night. On the eve of their record release, the duo -- Meghan Linsey and Joshua Scott Jones -- gave New Yorkers a preview of their debut album, released today, 1/11/11.

Meghan, clad in a short black and white striped dress and Joshua in blue jeans and black button down shirt, walked out to screams before they began first song of the night -- fittingly, the first track on their album, 'Ooh La La.'

Throughout their set, the couple of more than five years continually interacted with each other, showcasing just how much fun they had onstage. At times, Joshua would walk, guitar in hand, from his mic stand to Meghan's, so they could sing with their faces pressed tight against each other. Their harmonies were spot on as demonstrated on every song performed during their 90-minute set.

Whether it was an original or cover song, Steel Magnolia's energy never wavered. Instead of performing the album from start to finish, the duo threw back to an old favorite for the second song on their set list, the Eagles' 'One of These Nights,' on which they showcased impressive vocal prowess, accompanied by an equally impressive five-piece band.

Going back to their own music, the duo performed every track off their album, many of which they were playing for the very first time live. The emotional ballad, 'Not Tonight,' had Meghan and Joshua alternating lead vocals, but it was when they sang together during the chorus that left the greatest impact.

"This is our record release show, and this song is No. 10 on our record. It's called 'Eggs Over Easy,'" Joshua said before a powerful harmonica introduction. "You guys hear any guitar out there?" he asked midway through his harmonica feature. "Well, we're not going to start without it. How lovely does Ms. Linsey look tonight?"

Though their record was due in stores the next day, fans already knew all the words and sang along on some of their favorite tracks including 'Just By Being You (Halo and Wings)' and 'Keep On Lovin' You.' The first song they wrote together, 'Edge of Goodbye,' was also a crowd favorite with its catchy beat and lyrics.

Appreciative to the fans who came out to their record release show, Steel Magnolia continually thanked the audience. "We're so excited to get our record out! Thanks for coming out tonight," Meghan said before the band played 'Without You.'

A song she and Joshua wrote together, Joshua went on to tell the story behind the track. "One night I came home real late, or early; one of the two. Somebody decided to pack up all their stuff and not answer their phone and left. I sat down and started the song and when she got back we finished it together," he said while looking at Meghan with adoring eyes.

Steel Magnolia closed their set with two powerhouse songs: 'Keep On Lovin' You,' of which Josh said, "I can't imagine ourselves not having a career without this song," a foot-stomping, instrumental jam that got the crowd dancing, and the classic Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash hit, 'Jackson.'

But the crowd wanted more ...So, Meghan and Josh returned to the stage -- alone this time -- with an acoustic guitar and pedal steel, to perform the moving 'Glass Houses,' a wildly personal song that Josh penned alone. A song they'd never before played live, their voices echoed throughout the venue and hushed the crowd.

A cover of Bruce Springsteen's 'Pink Cadillac' followed suit and picked up the pace, showing the duo can rock like The Boss himself. Their 90-minute set came to an end with the Hank Williams' classic, 'I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry,' as Meghan's jaw-dropping pipes wowed concertgoers as she belted each word.

The duo left the stage to deafening cheering ... but it wasn't goodbye for the humble, charismatic twosome. "We're gonna be at the merch table, so come say hi. I wanna give you all hugs!" Meghan yelled to a delighted crowd, exiting the stage and making good on her invitation.

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