The Boot sits down with the all-brother trio Sons of Sylvia frontman, Ashley Clark, to discuss their latest single, 'Love Left to Lose.'

We went out to Colorado and wrote that song with our cousin, Ryan Tedder. He's the lead singer of OneRepublic. It's weird, because we used to live with Ryan in Nashville. I remember when we were just broke and hanging out. He would do demos for people, and people wouldn't pay him back. He would have to leave invoices under their door. We would always dream like, "Man ... someday we're gonna do something big in music!"

It was surreal going back into the studio with him after all the success he's had. We were like, "I can't believe this!"

We wrote 'Love Left to Lose' in about an hour. It just happened naturally. It wasn't forced at all. It flowed.

It's just a song about love and not giving up on love. A lot of the inspiration stemmed from those years of struggling. None of us ever gave up. It's a song we believe in, and we feel it's a good first-single off thealbum ['Revelation'].