Sons of Sylvia are learning plenty from newlywed Carrie Underwood as they open for her on the Play On tour.

Although brothers Ashley on fiddle, Adam on mandolin and Austin on Dobro have honed their musical skills for years thanks to their dad who taught them the fundamentals and continually encouraged them to play, they are fascinated with the fierce professionalism that Carrie brings to concerts.

"Man, she is incredible," Austin tells The Boot. "Her voice is impeccable every night. Every night you watch her go out and think she'll have one rough night, but she doesn't. She's always flawless and always so good."

Carries' secret to success on the road, says Austin, is that she "eats well, she sleeps well, and she works out a lot."

While the brothers -- who draw screaming, crying fans who often stand in long lines to see them and get their autographs -- are trying to follow suit with the headliner, there are the inevitable bumps on the tour, says Austin.

"My band has had a 'Spinal Tap' moment," says Austin of the classic mockumentary about the life of a fictional hard-rock band. "Ashley [was greeting a crowd] and he said the wrong city name. I wanted to say 'Hello, Cleveland,' [a classic line from the film]. That was a true 'Spinal Tap' moment."

Although the brothers are seen as newcomers to the country music business, they've actually been immersed in it since childhood when their dad took them to watch -- and to play in -- various bluegrass festivals. They are known to some as the Clark Brothers, a previous incarnation of the band that included three of their other brothers -- Alan, Aaron and Andrew. Under that moniker, they won the 2007 TV competition, 'The Next Great American Band.'

Not that all of the brothers' experience has been with their own siblings. Ashley linked up with Carrie where he played fiddle and sang background vocals for her, while Austin and Adam toured with another family act, SHeDAISY.

The Sons of Sylvia are currently on tour with Carrie and supporting their new album 'Revelation.' Their next shows are scheduled for September 25 in Portland, Ore., and September 27 in San Jose, Calif. For complete dates and cities, check here.