Shania Twain extends tour
Dimitrios Kambouris, Getty Images

Shania Twain is back, and she's better than ever. After a successful two-year run in Las Vegas, with her Shania: Still the One show at Caesars Palace, the 50-year-old embarked on what was supposed to be her farewell 2015 Rock This Country Tour, but now she hints that she isn't ready to ride off into the sunset anytime soon.

“I’m having the time of my life. I’m in good spirits and having so much fun," Twain tells the Las Vegas Sun. “It’s going so well that I’ve decided I’d like to extend it. I’m not ready to stop. We’re already talking about going onto Europe at some point.“

Twain originally planned to wrap up her tour on Aug. 23 in Fresno, Calif., before announcing her first extension in May.

“This tour has been a real celebration reuniting with fans in their own hometowns. That’s something I hadn’t done for a decade. This is the most dynamic show we’ve ever done, completely different from our Las Vegas run.”

Now, the Canadian is scheduling her shows overseas, and hints she may also make a return to Sin City as well.

"[We'll go to] Europe and maybe add on Asia, Australia and New Zealand," she reveals. "I have to take it phase by phase. But the ideal scenario is to come back to Las Vegas. I’d like to return to Las Vegas and do another couple of years in a residency."

Twain, who is also putting the finishing touches on her new album, her first set of tunes since Up! was released in 2002, says her busy schedule is exhausting, but she wouldn't have it any other way.

“The tour is tiring, but I’m loving it," she says. "It’s become far more meaningful than I thought it would be. So many young people are turning out. We are getting an interesting cross-section of people in our audiences that makes it really great."

“Twenty years ago, I had parents bringing their kids, and now they’ve become grown-up college kids and bringing their parents my age. I love watching the people and their reactions while I’m onstage singing to them."

A list of all of Twain's upcoming shows are available on her website.

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