Shania Twain has finally had her day in court. The international superstar testified yesterday (Sept. 29) against the doctor who was arrested at Canada's Juno Awards in March for repeatedly stalking her, both in person and by sending inappropriate letters.

Appearing in the courtroom via video, Shania stressed to the judge how uneasy the man's gestures made her, including receiving a large stack of love letters he had sent her since 2009, addressing her by her given name, Eilleen. "[The letters] make me uncomfortable and a little bit sad, awkward," she expressed (quote via the Vancouver Sun).

"I don't consider him a fan," the singer added, explaining that the letters scare her. "I consider him a man who is pursuing me inappropriately."

The alleged stalker, Dr. Giovanni (John) Palumbo, penned dozens of letters to Shania, including one she read from February 2009. "'I was totally amazed by you since I first noticed you 15 years ago,'" she read. "'I love you more than anyone in the universe. I love you,'" adding that he wanted to get together "ASAP so we can get to know each other."

During the trial, the surgeon unexpectedly called out from his seat in the courtroom, "Eilleen, you can trust me. I am going to plead guilty," he stated. "I've been offended too much, your honour."

The multi-platinum-selling singer detailed to the court how the man's unwanted advances negatively affected her family, both near their home and while traveling. "We were trying to have a family vacation," she recalled (quote via The Globe and Mail), "even though I had taken the extra measures with security, it was clear it wasn't enough." The man also reportedly appeared at Shania's grandmother's funeral, which she said made the difficult day even more painful.

"I had to think hard about whether to go to the funeral or not because I thought Mr. Palumbo would go," she noted. "I was concerned about what he was capable of."

Palumbo faces charges of criminal harassment, violating court orders and breaching bail condition. The trial is expected to last three days.

Meanwhile, the new bride (to Frédéric Thiébaud) and mother of ten-year-old son Eja, isn't letting the legal drama weigh her down. She is currently prepping for her new role as a Las Vegas headliner, when her 'Still the One' show kicks off Dec. 1, 2012 at Caesars Palace. Tickets begin at $55 and can be purchased here.

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