Scotty McCreery is already in the Christmas spirit! The Season 10 "American Idol" champ reveals he is spending the hot summer days in the studio, working on a holiday album.

"Well its still 90 some degrees outside, but its Christmas in July here in the studio," the North Carolina native tweeted, along with a picture of himself in a Santa hat.

Scotty's mother also apparently helped get her son in a festive mood. "Thank you @IveyCake for the awesome holiday cupcakes you sent to the studio for @ScottyMcCreery this week!!" she tweeted, along with a picture of several cupcakes adorned with Christmas decorations.

The confirmation from the "Water Tower Town" singer on his upcoming holiday album comes after rumors began swirling last week. According to, singer-songwriter Nick Autry hinted that Scotty was working on a Christmas CD. "@scottymccreery wraps up a Christmas record so they felt the need to bring the decorations and gear to my office," he tweeted -- a post that has since been deleted.

Scotty is getting ready to head to college in a few weeks, where he will juggle his role as an opening act on Brad Paisley's Virtual Reality tour with his classes at North Carolina State University.

"We're not going to take a full week's load of classes," the platinum-selling singer explains to The Boot. "Probably like a two-day schedule. That's the initial plan, but we'll see what works out. It will be a balance for sure. We'll figure it out."

The college freshman's upcoming concert schedule includes stops in New York, Oklahoma and Texas. See a list of tour dates here.

Watch Scotty's 'Water Tower Town' Video