Happy birthday to Scotty McCreery! The 'American Idol' winner, who turned 18 on Sunday, celebrated the big day with a visit to the set of 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show,' where he performed his latest single, 'The Trouble With Girls.' But it was his one-on-one chat with the Emmy-award winning host that kept viewers laughing -- and left one of them on a temporary 'high.'

Since Scotty is known for his deep-bass voice, both in speaking and singing, Ellen decided to have a little fun with his signature sound, by bringing a helium-filled balloon on stage and asking him to inhale the gas. Typically, that would make anyone's voice go up a few octaves -- but the high school senior's voice clearly defies the norm.

"Tomorrow night, I think I'm hitting up the college football game," he said, with his voice cracking only once before returning to its normal low range. (Watch the video below.)

"It doesn't even affect your voice," Ellen uttered in amazement. "That's how deep your voice is, that even helium can't do it!"

Turns out, the helium incident is the only time the former grocery store clerk actually did hear his voice crack. "Mama says [my voice] fell off the cliff at about 13, and it skipped the cracking stage, so I skipped the teasing and all of that too," Scotty explained.

The North Carolina native may have a deep voice uncommon for a teenager, but it has garnered him plenty of fans. His debut album, 'Clear as Day,' which hit shelves Oct. 4, will likely debut at No. 1 later this week on the Billboard 200 chart. As if that wasn't a big enough way to kick off his first year as an official adult, the teen star is also planning on hitting the road with Brad Paisley next year -- which is a dream come true.

"He knows everything about [the country music industry]. He has the hit songs, and I'll be singing along side-stage with him," Scotty tells The Boot. "He's a classy guy. He has a classy way of entertaining his fans. The songs he sings and the way he lives his life is a great testament to that."

Scotty has plenty to look forward to in October. In addition to playing the Grand Ole Opry tomorrow night (Oct. 11), he will also perform the national anthem for the first game of the World Series on Oct. 19. Read our full interview with Scotty McCreery here.

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