UK country up-and-comer Sasha McVeigh released her debut album, I Stand Alonein 2015. The project features the song "Stupid Girl" -- the first track of hers that McVeigh ever heard played on the radio. Read on to learn why the country star was so surprised to hear her song come on, and why, even while she was listening to it play, she wasn't entirely convinced that it was really happening.

The first time I actually heard myself on proper radio [not an online station, but a station I could listen to in my car] was on the Mark Forrest show BBC Introducing, which is on BBC Radio and it's broadcast across every local radio station over, essentially, all of the UK. I didn't know it was going to be played; I thought he was just gonna run an interview with me. And then he played one of my songs from my I Stand Alone album, "Stupid Girl."

I was just like, "Whoa, whoa, that's me." It was so bizarre! You're just like, "That's me! I'm on the radio right now!" Then I started getting texts from people, like, "I can hear you!" I was like, "Oh my God!"

It's just so baffling. It's unbelievable. You never get used to that. A part of you thinks you're still just listening to a CD -- no big deal. But no, it's radio. People across the country can hear this.

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