Singer-songwriter Sasha McVeigh is a self-professed "enormous Disney nerd," and if you need proof, just listen to the Spotify playlist she created for The Boot. It's an eclectic mix of Disney tunes, modern country songs and pop hits, with a classic Rolling Stones track in there for good measure.

McVeigh didn't include any of her on songs on her 40-song playlist, but she did include one that she covers all the time: Lady Gaga's "You & I." She says the "Mother Monster" is one of her all-time favorites.

"This is one of my go-to songs to perform live," McVeigh says of "You & I," "and it always puts me in a great mood when it comes on shuffle."

Listeners will also find tracks from a couple of McVeigh's good friends on her playlist: David Evans, who sings "Taking the Long Way Home," is now McVeigh's guitarist -- and that song specifically is the reason they're friends.

"I heard him perform this song at a writers' round, in Nashville, back in 2014," McVeigh remembers, "and instantly fell in love with it. David is an immensely talented writer -- he co-wrote my song “When I’m Over You” -- and this track really showcases that."

A track by another friend, AJ Masters, ends McVeigh's playlist. The '80s country singer-songwriter wrote "You Only Live Once" with McVeigh; unfortunately, he died in early 2015, before he could hear the version McVeigh recorded.

"But I carry him with me every day," McVeigh says.

All told, McVeigh's playlist features two and a half hours of music. Press play below to listen!

Listen to Sasha McVeigh's Playlist

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