After a turbulent 2010, Sarah Buxton welcomed the new year with the creative resolve of an artist who had truly grown from past successes and failures. Within a 12-month span, the singer-songwriter released her highly anticipated debut album, endured the closing of her record label and witnessed the birth and demise of the short-lived duo, Buxton Hughes. In the midst of her professional setbacks, Sarah managed to keep her personal life blissful, marrying Nashville guitarist Tom Bukovac in October.

The 'Put You in a Song' (Keith Urban) co-writer has since refocused her career ambitions, opting to follow a quieter path with no barrier between the songwriter and her craft. Sarah recently sat down with The Boot to dish about marriage, music, and the best way for her fans to keep in touch.

After Lyric Street closed last year, you teamed up with friend and co-writer Jedd Hughes to form the duo Buxton Hughes. What made you decide to put your solo career on hold?

I have never been all too satisfied in just going out and singing. There's honestly nothing more thrilling to me than when two voices come together and sing harmony. Not just the sound of it, but the idea of it, too. It's two voices coming together and singing in harmony. That was the idea behind Buxton Hughes.

Yet the duo disbanded in less than a year. Was it creative differences, or just bad timing?

The thing that a lot of people don't realize is that there is so much non-musical stuff that goes into being an artist. It's not just going into the studio and creating music. We are still a writing team; we are still in the studio working together. All that other stuff got in the way. It just came down to both of us feeling a big hole when it came to pursuing the artist thing.

Did your recent marriage factor into your decision at all?

No, not really. I don't really focus on marriage because it just is what it is. Tom and I were together for a long time before we got married, so it's not a lot different now than before. We work together a lot; he's teaching me how to play guitar. Focusing completely on the music was really the main reason.

You recently posted a blog on your Twitter account that said, "You don't have to have a record deal to move people. You don't have to be on the radio to change lives." Have you decided not pursue another major label deal?

I can confidently say that I will probably never be a major-label country artist ever again, unless something is offered to me that is more on my terms. When I was signed to Lyric Street, I was always packing and unpacking. I always had a flight to catch. Now, I'm able to be home with my husband and my best friends, and really focus on putting the music first.

Can fans expect any new music from you anytime soon?

Yes! I plan to release something on my own very soon. Probably around the beginning of next year. I will probably be announcing something on my Twitter sometime soon.

Most people probably don't realize you've been a songwriter in Nashville for more than 10 years. There's a lot of Sarah Buxton music that will probably never be heard.

I'm proud of my old catalog, but I'm really excited about the new stuff. I'm really excited to release the new record. There's a lot of material; the first record will probably be a triple album [laughs].

Speaking of songwriting, congratulations on your biggest chart success with Keith Urban's 'Put You in Song.'

Thanks! I'm so proud of 'Put You in a Song.' It's just a fun song.

A decade later, is it bittersweet to be celebrating one career milestone while letting go of another?

No, not at all. You take a hit song where you can get it. It's really a short-lived thrill, but it's about celebrating with the people who made it possible. It would have been nice for a No. 1, but I am going to have a No. 2 party with all my friends. I think I'm gonna rent a party bus and just throw down.

Was Nicole Kidman the inspiration behind the lyrics? And did your own marriage influence your writing that day?

Yes and yes. 'Put You in a Song' was Keith's title, so I'm sure Nicole is in that song. The whole idea behind [that song] is the notion that you may not be with someone every minute, but as soon as you hear it, you think of them. There are still songs to this day that make me cry because it reminds me of a sad time in my life, or makes me want to work out because it gets me going. I think everyone can relate to that.

Has your songwriting shifted with your new career prospective?

Definitely. I'm the songwriter now, not the artist. I'm writing with a lot of new artists right now, which is really fun. The coolest thing for me is to be able to share what I've learned with these new artists who are just starting out.

Any new artists you're working with that you're really excited about?

I'm actully writing this afternoon with a great new artist named Jana Kramer. She just signed with Warner Brothers. I've also been writing with Johnny Gates from the new band, the Invite. They are both really great writers. I'm excited because I'll be working with a lot of new artists coming up.

Now that you've settled into married life, and have more free time on your hands, are there any plans for a family in the near future?

Absolutely! Maybe not in the near, near future, but hopefully it will happen soon. Just what the world needs is little Bukovac babies running around [laughs].

What's the best way for fans to stay in touch with you?

I am trying to be really interactive with fans through my official Twitter, so that's the best place for them to keep in touch. I will be announcing music plans through Twitter when I know more.

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