Chris Lane definitely kicked off his career on a high note. The singer-songwriter's debut single, "Fix," the title track of his freshman EP, landed at the top of the charts following its release in the fall of 2015. However, the song's writers -- Sarah Buxton, Jesse Frasure and Abe Stoklasa -- thought it might be a stretch for country radio.

At a party celebrating the success of "Fix," Buxton, Frasure and Stoklasa shared the story behind the hit.

Jesse Frasure: We knew Chris for a while. Sarah writes at Big Loud, and he was on tour with [Florida Georgia Line], and I think I met him first through Florida Georgia Line. When we sat down to write this song -- Abe’s an amazing musician and songwriter; he’s had a bunch of cuts -- we really didn’t have an agenda at all. It was kind of a pop song.

Sometimes you have targets in mind, but this is one, we just sat down and wrote. We were kind of channeling a little bit of Hall & Oates, R&B-flavored kind of thing, and obviously using some pretty progressive language and name-dropping.

Abe Stoklasa: I had finished watching every season and episode of Breaking Bad about a week and a half before that; I binge-watched all of it for the first time. I definitely had drugs on the brain. [Laughs]

Frasure: These two are amazing at melodies. Sarah’s like a sister to me. I haven’t been doing this that long. We had our first No. 1 together [Florida Georgia Line's "Sun Daze"], so when I’m in the room with her, it’s easy-breezy. And Abe’s just this amazing saxophone player and steel guitar and [plays] whatever. So the two of them combined on a track we’re playing on, and they’re just singing the melodies. The fact that our second verse is completely different melodically than the first verse -- it was just this free-form song, with very little edits from [producer] Joey [Moi] to make it country.

Sarah Buxton: We didn’t even have a second verse. We wrote the first verse, chorus, and then the bridge. And then it was like, "Well, let’s just start singing it." We had to go in 20 minutes, so we were like, "Well, let’s just start singing it and see what comes out" ... We started out with a couple lines, and then it was, "What about this? What about that?"

Stoklasa: It was also the very first time we had all wrote together. It was so easy. We were done by 4 o'clock.

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