Halloween is still a few weeks away but Sara Evans took what could have been a nasty trick and turned it into a humorous treat for fans. The singer sat down with her sister-in-law, Kaelin, for a "Simply Sara" webisode dubbed the "Kaelin Evans Show," and told viewers, in dramatic -- and hysterical -- fashion, about a recent event that actually happened at one of her concerts.

"I was on stage in Biloxi, Miss., doing my encore song, which is '[I] Want You to Want Me' by Cheap Trick," Sara explains in the video, which includes footage of the incident. (Watch it below.) "We were having a great time. The audience was up, singing. Usually during that song, I shake everybody's hands ... I'm a very nice person, very warm, very fan-oriented, very giving. I walk up to what appeared to be a nice-looking gentleman. He was there with his wife ... I shook his hand and he grabs me and forces me down to pose for a picture with them. I was like, 'OK, it's OK,' and then he forces me to take a picture with his wife. After I did that, I tried to walk away and he grabbed me and he tried to pull me off the stage. It was horrifying."

Although the incident was real, Sara made sure fans knew she didn't take it seriously by pretending to cry, while Kaelin "consoled" her.

The pair then showed video shot from the side of stage capturing the entire incident. After the concertgoer and his wife have their pictures taken, the man can be seen trying to pull Sara toward him. Another man is then seen rushing from backstage to help.

"That was my tour manager, Eric," Sara notes, keeping the fake tears flowing. "He is my knight in shining armor. I love [husband] Jay [Barker] and everything. Jay's great. But Eric, you can see how fast he ran onto that stage to rescue me. He just knew, he knew that I was in danger."

Sara will play several shows over the next few months, including stops in Minnesota, Illinois and Canada. See her tour schedule here.

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