Bluegrass group Nu-Blu teamed up with soul legend Sam Moore for their newest song, and they're giving readers of The Boot an exclusive first look at the video.

'Jesus and Jones' pays tribute to George Jones. The track marks Moore's first foray into bluegrass, but he was very much aware of Jones and his music from days past, when he would run into the country legend at truck stops and greasy spoons as their paths crossed while touring all over the country. The pair and their wives became great friends after Moore and Jones worked together on MCA's 'Rhythm, Country and Blues' project, and Jones personally invited Moore to perform at what was scheduled to be his final concert, which turned into an all-star tribute after he passed away in April of 2013.

Moore jumped at the chance to participate in recording 'Jesus and Jones.'

"I've been a fan of George's music for a long long time and was fortunate enough that we called each other friends," he says. "This song honors him and says what we all have felt about him."

The members of Nu-Blu knew the song was special, but didn't get the idea to make it a duet until June of 2014. Moore's participation elevated the track to a new level.

"We were on the way to a show in Oklahoma the night we got confirmation that Sam would sing on the song," Carolyn Routh recalls. "I cried. Daniel, who was driving, had to pull over. We were all giddy with excitement."

The band had already cut the instrumental track, and they made a detour from their touring route to drop in on Moore in Phoenix and cut the vocals.

"It was very important to us that we cut the vocals together to maintain the emotional cohesiveness of the song -- that and I could not pass up the chance to be in the studio with a musical legend and icon like Sam Moore," Routh admits. "The day we were recording was June 16 and was also Daniel and my's anniversary. It was the best anniversary present ever to be in the studio recording 'Jesus and Jones' with Sam Moore. It was magic.

"We are all very thankful for the opportunity, not only to record such a well-written song that pays tribute to the late, great George Jones, but also to record it with another legend, Sam Moore," she adds.

'Jesus and Jones' is the lead single from Nu-Blu's upcoming album, 'All the Way,' which is set for release on Sept. 16. It is available for pre-order at Amazon. The song is available for download on iTunes.