North Carolina-based bluegrass four-piece Nu-Blu are premiering the music video for their song “Still Small Voice” exclusively for readers of The Boot. The song was co-written by Jimmy Fortune; readers can press play above to watch the clip.

Recorded in 2016 and released on their newest album, Vagabonds, Nu-Blu's rendition of “Still Small Voice” was a long time coming. They were originally pitched the song in 2011, the band's Carolyn Routh tells The Boot.

"We knew it was a song that we wanted to record, but it just didn’t 'fit' the current album that we were recording at the time," Routh explains. "It’s really hard to have a song this great and not cut it, but we had to do what was right for that album, so we reluctantly had to let it go.”

As Nu-Blu began work on Vagabonds, their sixth full-length release, "Still Small Voice" resurfaced -- or, more accurately, they sought it out, and were successful.

"After some phone calls and a few emails, I managed to track [the song] down,” Routh recalls. “To my surprise and great delight, it had not yet been recorded by anyone. Score!"

It was then that Nu-Blu learned that Fortune -- known for his two decades with the Statler Brothers, as well as for his work as a songwriter in Nashville and his country and gospel solo albums -- co-wrote "Still Small Voice." He makes a cameo in Nu-Blu's music video for the song, as does Ben Isaacs (of the Isaacs); Nu-Blu added a third vocal part to give Isaacs a chance to sing on the tune.

Filmed at Nashville's Skaggs Place Studios, Nu-Blu's "Still Small Voice" music video is dedicated to Tony Lopacinski, Fortune's co-writer and pop-rock band Train's former guitarist. Lopacinski died of cancer shortly after Nu-Blu were first approached with the song.

“It’s overwhelming to us, the response we have gotten so far on this song; it seems to affect each person who hears it in a different way,” says Routh. “We wanted the video to reflect its true spirit and show a ‘behind-the-scenes’ view of the studio atmosphere it was recorded in.”

Nu-Blu’s latest album, Vagabonds, was released in April. Visit their official website for more information on the record and upcoming shows.

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