Bluegrass band Nu-Blu are set to release their new album, 'All the Way,' via Rural Rhythm Records.

'All the Way' will hit stores on Sept. 16. The album is a follow-up to 'Ten,' which celebrated their first decade of music making.

"With this new project we are going all the way by stepping outside of genre boundaries and letting our fusion of musical tastes and interpretations guide us like never before," says lead singer Carolyn Routh. "Get ready, we have a few surprises in store and we've never been more excited."

The group are joined by a surprise special guest on the track 'Jesus and Jones,' which pays tribute to the late George Jones. They are also joined by Rhonda Vincent on 'That's What Makes the Bluegrass Blue.'

Nu-Blu, 'All the Way' Track Listing:

1. 'That's What Makes the Bluegrass Blue' (Feat. Rhonda Vincent)
2. 'A Little Good News'
3. 'Rhythm of the Train'
4. 'All the Way'
5. 'Blackjack'
6. 'Isn't She'
7. 'Forgiveless'
8. 'It's Not That Cold in Montana'
9. 'Heavy Cross to Bear'
10. 'Jesus and Jones'