Ryan Hurd draws his inspiration from across the spectrum of genres and artists -- some of whom are very close to home and some who are a bit more obscure. From indie to pop to, of course, country, Hurd's favorites run the gamut of styles and tastes.

Hurd assembled a playlist for The Boot, on which you'll hear some Jason Isbell, some Sturgull Simpson and some Wilco. Hurd calls the latter band his "first indie crush."

"There’s no lyric that battles more than "Theologians,"" Hurd reflects. "I got my 'second strike' working at a corner store for turning this song up so loud they couldn’t hear themselves talk in the liquor store next door."

Friends Old Dominion and wife Maren Morris (of course) also make appearances on Hurd's playlist. OD co-wrote "So You Go" with the late Andrew Dorff, a songwriter who Hurd says they still talk about often.

"He was such a 'Rain Man' type of talent," Hurd says of Dorff. "["So You Go" is] another beach song, but I think the beach represents the ideal in country music storytelling, the place we’re all trying to get to and get back to."

Click below to hear Hurd's complete playlist and get to know the up-and-coming artist a little bit better.

Listen to Ryan Hurd's Playlist

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