Singer-songwriter Ryan Bingham won an Oscar, Golden Globe and Grammy for his song 'The Weary Kind,' from the movie 'Crazy Heart.' Now he's letting readers of The Boot hear an exclusive preview of the title song from his upcoming film project, 'A Country Called Home.'

Bingham is producing the soundtrack and score for the film, which marks the directorial and screenwriting debut of writer-director Anna Axster -- to whom Bingham is married. 'A Country Called Home' is the first of several original songs he intends to write for the project.

"I’m imagining a fairly acoustic score that underlines the journey of the characters," Bingham tells The Boot in an exclusive interview. "I think it should be, the songs should play more of an integral part in the film, and not just be background music. So it’s something where I really want to sit down and make sure that the songs really have a reason to be there."

Bingham's demo of the song puts his unique, rough-and-ready voice front and center in a rootsy, no-frills performance that's sure to thrill his fans.

"I always try to leave songs open for people to interpret in their own ways," he observes. "I think this film is the same way -- everybody has their own story, and they tell them in different ways, but somehow we can all share ideas and things that we all go through. We all connect to that stuff, and that’s kinda how the song is, as well. It’s not necessarily open-ended, but people will be able to relate to it in their own way, I hope."

The filmmakers are crowd funding certain aspects of the project via a Kickstarter program that offers fans various levels of incentive, including exclusive merchandise, music and even tickets to the film’s NYC screening. Bingham hopes to reach $100,000, with the money going to production costs, paying for musicians and various licensing fees.

This exclusive stream will run through the end of the day Thursday (Jan. 16), when the Kickstarter initiative comes to an end. Click below to check out 'A Country Called Home.'

Note: This stream has ended.