Mescalito, Ryan Bingham's first studio album, released in 2007, contains a song called "Bread and Water." The record's third track, the tune shares the story of life on the road as a struggling singer-songwriter -- a life spent away from home, finding your way from one place to another, day after day; however, the song's lyrics are open-ended enough that even those who aren't artists can relate to it.

Below, Bingham tells The Boot about the inspiration for "Bread and Water," as well as about the song's accompanying music video, directed by Anna Axster.

I wrote this at a time in my life when I was basically living on the road and wandering from town to town with an acoustic guitar, playing for tips and bread and water ... and an occasional shot of whiskey.

It was great working with Anna on this video. The idea of the signs being intercut with the live show was a great way to let people experience some of the ramblings that run through my mind before I write a song and after it has been performed live.

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