The Boot's week-long presentation of exclusive live performances from Rosanne Cash continues with a song from her 1993 album, 'The Wheel,' 'Sleeping in Paris.' 'The Wheel' was Rosanne's first album written and recorded after the break-up of her marriage to Rodney Crowell. Much of the album reflected the singer-songwriter's feelings of carefully embarking on a new relationship with producer and future husband John Leventhal.

Interestingly, one of the lines in 'Sleeping in Paris,' "the lonely road is a bodyguard," was penned by Rosanne for a seventh-grade writing project. It was also the closing line in her 2010 memoir, 'Composed.'

All of this week's live performances were recorded in the living room of Rosanne and husband John Leventhal's New York apartment. Each of the songs was chosen from fan requests via the singer's Twitter page. Come back tomorrow for another exclusive live performance!

Watch Rosanne Cash Perform 'Sleeping in Paris'
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