All this week, The Boot premieres five exclusive live performances from singer-songwriter and author Rosanne Cash. All of the performances were filmed for a special called 'Live From Zone C' in the living room of Rosanne's New York home. The songs were chosen by special request via the singer's Twitter page.

The first live performance in this special series is the hauntingly beautiful 'House on the Lake,' from the 2006 Grammy-nominated album, 'Black Cadillac.' Written after the 2005 death of her mother, Vivian Liberto, and the 2003 deaths of her father Johnny Cash and stepmother June Carter Cash, the song is a stirring reflection of Rosanne's memories of the Tennessee home of Johnny and June. The song's co-writer, Rosanne's husband John Leventhal, accompanies her on guitar in the clip below.

The songs performed this week can all be found on the recently-released 'Essential Rosanne Cash.' Check back tomorrow -- and all week long -- for more exclusive live performances from Rosanne.

Watch Rosanne Cash Perform 'House on the Lake'