It's day two of The Boot's week-long presentation of exclusive live performances from the living room of singer-songwriter Rosanne Cash and her husband, guitarist and producer John Leventhal. Today's selection, the stunningly beautiful 'Black Cadillac,' penned by Rosanne, served as the title track of the 2006 Grammy-nominated album she recorded in the wake of the deaths of her mother, father and stepmother all within the span of just two years.

"I couldn't avoid them," she said of the deeply personal songs. "I couldn't let any of them simply return to the ether. Some of them literally wouldn't let me sleep."

'Black Cadillac' was, in fact, written six weeks before Rosanne's beloved stepmother June Carter Cash passed away in May 2003, during a time when no one even suspected she was ill.

"I've always found that songs can be postcards from your future," Rosanne explained.

This week's selections were all chosen from requests via Rosanne's Twitter page. Come back tomorrow for another unforgettable exclusive live performance from Rosanne.

Watch Rosanne Cash Perform 'Black Cadillac'

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