Rodney Atkins married to fellow artist Rose Falcon back in 2013, and although it's helpful to have twice as many creative minds under one roof when it comes to songwriting, the couple admits that learning to work together still took a bit of adjustment.

"He's one of the hardest workers I've ever met, but he'll take about three or four days to write a song, and I like to finish usually in one day," Falcon told The Boot before the 2018 CMA Awards. "So I kind of learned his process, and it made me a much better writer, for sure."

Atkins agrees that the learning curve it took to make music together pushed him to grow as a songwriter: "In some ways, I had become -- I don't know if the word is 'pedantic,' but I would just freeze in spots and not move forward," he explains. "And then, with her faster writing style, she kept pushing the ball down the field, and we started finishing songs.

"What happened here," he adds, "is that she helped me become a better writer."

Not only does Atkins feel that having his wife as a creative collaborator has changed his artistic process, but the life changes that come along with having a family have also affected who he is as a songwriter and artist today. The couple welcomed their first child together in 2017.

"It's different when you get to write more vulnerably," he goes on to say. "I think that's what our relationship does to [my] confidence and how I approach things. It encourages me to make the best music I've ever been able to make."

Do all of these collaborations mean that a full duet project is in the works? It's not off the table, the couple says.

"We've got a couple duets on my album together, absolutely. And she's been working on her own music," Atkins relates. "I would love to do an entire album [together] at some point."

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