Rodney Atkins is giving fans an early taste of his upcoming album with the debut single, 'Doin' It Right.'

The song was released Tuesday (Oct. 8) exclusively on iTunes. Atkins says he knew from the first time he heard the uptempo tune that he wanted to include it on his album.

"'Doin' It Right' is a song I just heard [on a] Jay Knowles work tape, and it simply killed me," the 44-year-old tells Roughstock. "It reminded me of a Bob Dylan kind of lyric that just nailed me with every word. I felt like the good Lord needed me to hear this song. I couldn't wait to record it. I pray that it touches folks' lives the way it has touched mine.".

In addition to the release of 'Doin' It Right,' iTunes will also be offering several of Atkins' previous hits, including 'Take a Back Road,' 'Watching You,' 'Farmer's Daughter,' 'If You're Going Through Hell,' 'Cleaning This Gun,' 'These Are My People,' 'He's Mine,' 'Honesty' and 'It's America' for only 69 cents for a limited time.

'Doin' It Right' will be released to radio nationwide on Monday (Oct. 14). In addition to putting the finishing touches on his fifth studio album, the Tennessee native will spend much of the fall headlining shows all over the country, including stops in New York, New Jersey and Michigan this month. See all of his upcoming shows here.

Download 'Doin' It Right' here.