Rodney Atkins is in the middle of a divorce from Tammy Jo, his wife of 13 years. The country singer, who filed for divorce after Tammy Jo made accusations of domestic violence, was subsequently cleared of all charges. He credits his fans for helping him through this difficult time.

"I had no idea the support and the love that was out there from people," he admits to Taste of Country. "It's carried me through the darkest times. It's amazing when I sing 'Going Through Hell' and I realize that's going to happen again with something else. I think God always has a plan. God puts situations in your life [that make you think] it's something you can't get through, but because of the support system around you, you do. It's been amazing. With what I've been through, I just pray to do the right thing and say the right thing, and if I don't know the right words, God will put them in my mouth. [If I] take the high road, the right thing will happen."

In spite of the split, the Tennessee native insists he will always speak well of the mother of his ten-year-old son, Elijah. "I will never say anything derogatory or go down that road of being derogatory [when it comes to Tammy]," he maintains. "I'm not going to do that ... that's Elijah's mom."

While their pending divorce winds its way through the court system, the 'He's Mine' singer says he will continue to rely on the support from fans all over the country.

"I just cherish every second and every single person that comes up on the road, no matter where I'm at," he acknowledges. "For folks withholding judgment with all this stuff going by, they've been unbelievable. Someone carried me through this, and every day's brighter [because of] the prayers and the faith. I'm doing great ... definitely."

Rodney is putting the finishing touches on a new album, while he also performs several shows in the next few months. Keep track of his schedule here.

Watch Rodney Atkins' Video for 'Take a Back Road'

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