Country-pop group Lonestar will greet the new year with something new -- and someone familiar. The multi-platinum-selling group have reunited with original lead singer Richie McDonald and announced that a new album and world tour are scheduled for 2012, marking the band's 20th anniversary.

Beginning Feb. 26 at London's Wembley Arena, Lonestar's overseas tour will visit Ireland, Switzerland and Germany, with additional dates in North America expected to be announced soon.

Best known for the massive country and pop hits, 'Amazed,' and 'I'm Already There,' Lonestar keyboardist Dean Sams, drummer Keech Rainwater and lead guitarist Michael Britt parted ways with Richie McDonald in 2007. Richie went on to release solo singles and the group carried on with new lead singer Cody Collins, releasing the album 'Party Heard Around the World' in 2010.

"Five years has come and gone since I left Lonestar," says Richie. "We've all tried other avenues and the fact remains that some things were just meant to be. With the Lonestar 20-year reunion approaching, Dean, Michael, Keech and I got together and have decided we have some unfinished business to take care of. I miss those crazy nights running around on stage making music with my band of brothers. Looking forward to a new chapter in the book of Lonestar and reliving some old memories and also making some new ones for the fans that have been loyal to us through thick and thin."

Adds Keech, "I think fans ultimately wondered if this was ever going to happen again and it always seemed like the original Lonestar as a whole was better than the sum of its parts. With Richie back in the band, fans can enjoy new music and again experience the sound they are used to hearing at our shows. Lonestar music seems to strike a chord with fans from all around. More specifically, 'Amazed' and 'I'm Already There' seemed to have changed people's lives in one way or another. The thought of continuing that tradition and moving forward is very exciting."

Lonestar has another high-profile (and still) former member. The group's original bass player was John Rich, now of Big & Rich and 'Celebrity Apprentice' fame.

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