In her most personal music video yet, Reba McEntire says goodbye and pays tribute to her beloved father, Clark McEntire, who passed away in October of 2014. The song? "Just Like Them Horses." The result? Stunningly touching.

Filmed in black and white, the brand-new clip begins with a voice-over by McEntire: "How do you say goodbye?" she asks. "How do you say goodbye to somebody who made you, raised you, taught you, disciplined you, loved you? How do you say goodbye?"

"If you love, me don't you be afraid / To look in my eyes and open the gate," McEntire sings in the chorus. "Then watch me ride beneath a newborn sun /Just like them horses / When it's time to run."

The video, filmed on the McEntires' land in Chockie, Okla., is filled with gorgeous scenery and, of course, beautiful horses.

"Those old hills mean a lot to me," McEntire says in a press release. "I lived there 21 years, and they still call me back time after time."

McEntire's mother Jacqueline also makes an appearance.

"Mama had to be in the video. She was and still is the glue to our family," the "Going Out Like That" hitmaker explains. "Without a doubt, the ranch wouldn’t be what it is today without her. She was the partner, bookkeeper, No. 1 hired hand, cook, my best friend and, as I said, the glue. So many times, things could have gone south, but she held us all together."

The song is particularly special to McEntire because of the role it played in her father's funeral.

"Liz Hengber sent me a CD of "Just Like Them Horses" while I was listening to songs for my Love Somebody album. The minute I heard it, I knew I wanted it played at Daddy’s funeral," she recalls. "When my producer Tony Brown heard it, he loved it so much that he insisted on putting it on the album."

Though she was planning on playing a recorded version of the song at her father's service, McEntire did end up singing it live, as she reveals in Love Somebody's liner notes.

McEntire's favorite line of the song is, “Just like them horses / Now it’s time to run."

"He did," she says of her father. "He ran all the way to heaven. Just like them horses."

McEntire calls the new music video the "most meaningful, heartfelt video I'd ever do." The themes of goodbye, closure and letting go are prominent throughout, but the most special part is the bond between McEntire and her father that spans life and death.

"I dedicate this video to Daddy. His life was horses, cattle, land, rodeo and business," McEntire reflects. "Daddy did a lot of traveling in his life. When he wasn’t rodeoing or buying cattle, he was working hard on the ranch. I took him to Europe and Australia. On one of those trips, he said, 'If I ever get home, I’m not gonna go past the mailbox.'"

McEntire has been busy recently with her Las Vegas residency with Brooks & Dunn. Demand has been so great that they have added more dates to the run, including six new shows in May.

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