Reba McEntire's "Going Out Like That" is an anthem for anyone who's going through a breakup -- and the music video shows exactly how much fun you really can have in that situation. Hint: It involves drinking, dancing and lots of flirtation.

The video features a gorgeous girl (with equally gorgeous locks of hair) who is just emerging from a broken relationship. As she sits among half-packed boxes, she finds a sexy pair of black heels -- and a bright red dress that's just begging to be worn. A smile begins to spread across her face as she makes a plan: She's not going out like that.

Instead of sitting at home, she dons tight jeans, heels and a tank top and heads to her favorite bar. There, she finds a good-looking guy and throws back a couple of shots -- the perfect medicine for a broken heart. She and her new distraction dance, flirt and eventually end up in a restaurant to share a milkshake.

Throughout the entire video, the girl is the "life of the party," not letting any negativity get her down. She shows that sometimes, all your heart needs is a stiff drink, a flirtatious night and an opportunity to let loose.

McEntire is also featured in the video, and she looks vibrant in an off-the-shoulder blue shirt, as well as a sexy black leather jacket and jeans. It's hard to believe she is almost 60 years old!

The song is a perfect fit for the fiery redhead, and she was immediately attracted to it upon first listen.

“When you listen to thousands of songs trying to find just the right one to record, a really great song jumps out at you. That’s exactly what "Going Out Like That" did to me!” the singer says. “It jumped out because it’s a great song with up-tempo sassyness (sic)!!!”

Although the demo was recorded by a male, we can't imagine this song (or video) with anyone but McEntire.

"Going Out Like That" is the first single off of McEntire's forthcoming album, which will be her first since 2010.

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