Reba McEntire is giving 2015 a good dose of sass and confidence in her new song, 'Going Out Like That.'

"When you listen to thousands of songs trying to find just the right one to record, a really great song jumps out at you. That's exactly what 'Going Out Like That' did to me!" the songstress said when she announced the new tune just before Christmas. "It jumped out because it's a great song with up-tempo sassyness (sic)!!!"

The song is an uptempo, accessible and irresistible number, describing a woman who's going through a breakup. But instead of moping around with a broken heart, she does the unexpected, and the lyrics say it best: "She's got her hands up, dancing like the floor's on fire / Yeah, she's the hottest thing in here / Guess she finally got tired of being sick and tired / Now she's lookin' like she don't care."

'Going Out Like That' has a catchy chorus, calling all women to pump their fists in the air as McEntire passionately sings, "He thought she'd be sittin' home crying / But she ain't goin' out like that / She's had enough of feelin' like dying / She ain't goin' out like that." Instead, she's throwing back shots, being the life of the party and wearing that sexy red dress that's been neglected for far too long.

The first time McEntire heard the song -- her first since signing with Nash Icon -- a man was singing the demo. Now that her vocals are attached to the song, she says, "It became a woman's power anthem!"

Along with a new single, the fiery singer has lots more up her sleeve for 2015. She is working on a new record and will be joining forces with Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn for a Las Vegas residency later this year.

Listen to Reba McEntire, 'Going Out Like That':

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