Ray Price passed away last year, but not before recording one last album, 'Beauty Is...,' and fans can't get enough of the singer's final project.

The record, which was released on April 15, quickly became the third most-downloaded country album on Amazon, and landed in the Top 30 on the iTunes chart as well. In addition, country stations from all over the world, including as far away as Japan, are already playing the lead single, 'Beauty Lies in the Eye of the Beholder,' which is a duet with Vince Gill.

“When we took on this album, we were all hoping that Ray would be around to see this project be released,” Steve Popovich, Jr., President of AmeriMonte Records, says. “He knew this was going to be his final project, and we are so honored we are to be entrusted with his legacy.”

The 12-track project also includes a duet with Martina McBride, on the song 'An Affair to Remember.'

“That’s the voice that we all loved," McBride says. "He carried himself so well and still had this amazing voice. I was so honored and surprised to be asked to sing with him.”

The Grand Ole Opry member was honored last Thursday (April 17) with his own star-studded Opry Classics show, with several singers, including Lynn Anderson and the Oak Ridge Boys, paying homage to his legendary career.

“A fitting encore for those of us who want more from the Tony Bennett of country music," Anderson says of his final album. "Sensitively produced by Fred Foster, timeless songs sung by the best.”

Price's widow, Janie, says she was still in awe of his talents behind the microphone.

“Offstage, he was just the guy I love,” she notes. “When that red light went on in the studio, or when he stepped onto the stage and they handed him that microphone, something happened. It was a higher power. This transformation took place in him. He turned into Ray Price.”

Order 'Beauty Is...' here.

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